6 Reasons To Start A Drop Ship Baby Gift Ecommerce Business

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By Stuart Sherm

Starting any Ecommerce business is a daunting task, but here are some ideas where you can make money, have virtually no overhead and never leave your home. What you need is to join a great drop ship gift program.

Essentially you are aware that when you buy certain gifts online they are just shipped from a central warehouse that many stores use at the same time. This way these stores, typically ecommerce stores, do not have to carry the inventory and just pay for the goods after they sell it. They are a part of a drop ship program.

Here are the tricks to picking a great Drop Ship Gift Program.

1. Make sure that the program offers great images and copy. Think about it, without great images how are your customers going to want to purchase these good from your store. Also, look for solid copy that explains the items and gives details so the customer can feel confidant with their potential purchase.

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2. Try and find a program that has quick shipping and sends the tracking numbers directly to you for you to forward onto your customers. You really don’t want them having any contact with your customers.

3. Make sure the items that you are showing are actually desirable and searched for online. You can easily go to google and search for keyword look ups and see how often a search term is looked upon. It doesn’t help your business if no one searches for what you are selling. Things like baby gifts, televisions, books are all great options.

4. No fee. Try to find a program where there is no fee to sign up. If there is it may be only for people who have not been selling anything to keep them a part of the program, but on initially signing up a fee can be a signal they are sketchy.

5. Stay away from companies who put there own promotional material in gifts they are shipping to your customers. You are not here to help them gain your customers. You want blind shipping and only your info. on the invoice or the gift card that accompanies the gift.

6. Make sure you can resell these gifts at a solid price and are getting them at a wholesale prices from your program. This way you make out each and every sale. If the margins are to small it will not be worth the time to process the sale. Figure on making at least 25 points margin on a whoelsale drop ship gift. It typically won;t be a 100% markup since you have no exposure, but the best programs may offer you even more than 100% on many items. Look for personalized or customizable items. They are great sellers and sometimes offer the best profits.

Do some due diligence before you start an ecommerce business. There are thousands of sites everyday coming online so make sure you don’t spend all your money before you get started. By using a great drop ship wholesale program you can make a lot of money and not drain your funds in the process.

About the Author: Stuart writes for Gotobaby. Founded in 2002 and shipping from New York, CT, and Wisconsin they fulfill gifts for many of the top baby sites in the country. Gotobaby offers

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services to the trade and sells retail baby gifts to the public like

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