Better Life Mobility, A Company Dedicated To Your Needs}

Better Life Mobility, a company dedicated to your needs


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Better Life Mobility is a company specialized in selling and adapting vehicles for people with handicaps. Not being able to walk is a big challenge, but one which can be overcome with the help of technology. If you want to have more autonomy and control over your life, pay the company a visit online at

A handicap should not be an impediment in having a wonderful and rewarding life. The guys at understand how difficult it is to live life in a wheelchair, so this is why they’ve dedicated their time to making handicapped persons’ live easier, more beautiful, more convenient. Their services include assistance with purchasing mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, lifts and even vans, vehicle repairs and adaptations and also additional maintenance services for all the products offered. Need a new accessory for your minivan? They can install it for you. Want a new driver’s wheel or a comfortable seat adapted to your body shape? They’re ready to design one for you. Better Life Mobility is a young company, but its reputation is very high; people from all the US use the services of this company to improve their quality of life.

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Better Life Mobility is mostly known for selling quality handicap vans and for adapting vans to clients’ specific needs. Handicap vans are different from normal vans in the sense that they don’t have a normal driver’s seat, they’re usually lower and they also have special ramps or lifts installed to allow wheelchair access. Handicap vans such as those sold on are also equipped with security systems that prevent the wheelchairs from moving in the car while in motion. Until recently, people with disabilities had to depend on others to travel, but with the introduction of these new technologies, they can take things into their own hands: they can drive anywhere in total comfort and safety. The specialists at Better Life Mobility can modify vehicles to correspond to client’s exact specifications. For instance, they can install foot accelerators and also hand controls (gas and brake systems, accelerators, clutches, steering knobs, headlights, steering signals, wipers etc.) to make it easier for you to drive the vehicle. The seating may also be subject to change: rotating seats help you get out of the car easier, while transfer seat bases will give you more control when entering and exiting the car.

If your van is too high, you can have it lowered for a quicker and easier access. This height problem can also be resolved by installing a hydraulic lift on the van. Mobility lifts are a vital addition for many people suffering from handicaps, so you might want to consider installing such a lift yourself. All in all, it is clear that mobility vans are of great help for all people suffering from disabilities. They give you more independence, so they’re worth the investment. Click on to see what new handicap models the professionals at Better Life center are selling. You’ll be pleased by their services.

Better Life Mobility

offers mobility solutions for people with mild and severe disabilities: check their full range of services at


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