Tips For Your Garage Door Repairs


If your garage door is not responding to the opener remote controller, then you may suddenly find yourself at a disadvantage. Your car may be struck inside when you are getting late for work. You may be good enough with tools to repair the door yourself. However if you are unsure of what the problem is or if you aren’t sure that you can repair it yourself, don’t hesitate in calling a professional to avoid hurting yourself.

If your garage gate is malfunctioning, one of the following may have happened:

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  • The door did not respond to the remote controller at all
  • The garage gate opener started running, but it did not work
  • The garage gate opened and closed partially
  • It was hard work getting the gate open

Some of the repair measures that may be involved with a garage door that is malfunctioning is a replacement of the batteries on which the opener runs, lubrication of the machinery, testing the conditions of the motors, and aligning the machinery in the correct way.

There are some typical steps that you need to perform as a prelude to your repairs. Make sure that the power is running. You will need a continuous power supply to check if the gate is working, while you carry out repairs.

Next, you need to figure out the mechanism that your garage door runs on. Most garage doors work usually based on two kinds of spring openers. The spring system that standard garage doors use is the extension garage gate. Such an opener breaks down as a result of broken springs or pulleys as well as broken cables or rollers. This type of spring can be easily repaired. You can fix such a system yourself, if you know how. Just replace the broken parts.

If your garage gate opener runs on a single roll-up torsion spring above the door, then it is recommended that you hire a professional to fix it. If you attempt to fix it yourself, the high tension can cause it to recoil and bounce off and cause an accident.

If you regularly get the balance of your garage door checked – about once a month is a frequency that is advised – then you will reduce the chances of a major breakdown. The door should smoothly roll up and down and the parts should be oiled regularly. But if you still need garage door repairs, contact a professional at the earliest to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

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